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THH MERCH T-minus 4 days........

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Sweet mommies and daddies,

The time has come- in less than 4 days the long awaited THH Merch officially launches.

To fill you in, this process was a journey; from searching for the perfect clothing items, to finding the right graphic designer, deciding which company I'de use to print on the clothing, & what I will use to package and ship the items- so. much goes into it! Every decision meant so much to me, and every detail mattered! I am overjoyed that it's my hands packing every order, writing every hand written "thank you" and driving to USPS to send out with super high vibes=) I made the choice to invest in this project as I know more and more will surely be added to the THH merch catalogue! (I am dreaming of "horny housewife thongs" lol - there 100% will be long sleeve T's here this fall, along with a restock of the "Listen to Mommy" sweatshirt. The "mildly toxic" crop tops will not be restocked so if you want one you better set a reminder/alarm- items will go LIVE at 8:00am Aug 1. I cant WAIT for you to see/wear/rock your merch, and I am beyond grateful for your support of the show, this launch and our community<3

Make sure you check out the product details listed in the description of the items when you are shopping to learn more about the clothing=) I chose high quality brands, that were ethical, sustainable and made with our environment in mind. I also chose compostable plant based mailers to ship your items out in.

WHERE DO I SHOP? (site will not be live until Aug 1)

or and click "shop merch" in the top right corner.

I am wearing a medium in the hoodie. ( I took a Large for myself tho bc I like It "boyfriend" style)

I am wearing a small in the crop top.

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Jan 21

I’m too late all sold out!!!!!!!!!!

Jordyn Hakes
Jordyn Hakes
Jan 21
Replying to

RESTOCK is coming SO soon....end of feb=)

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