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The birth of T.H.H.

I am Jordyn Hakes the host of The Horny Housewife Podcast, the show where I remind you just because you’ve been married for a decade, or have kids pulling on you, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice pleasure and intimacy in your life.

Consider my podcast your guide through all things marriage and long term relationships. I’m the girl you turn to when you want advice on how to intentionally navigate grief as a couple. And I’m also the person you can email asking the most comfortable position for rear entry. (From missionary position, you can thank me later). I understand that both of these questions are equally important, can be crucial in fostering an environment of intimacy,love, and most importantly intentionality in your partnership.

In 2021, my youngest son was entering pre-school and as much as I truly love my life as a housewife, and being able to care for my husband, and sons I was craving more. My mother, my best friend, my twin flame, had just passed away, and I felt untethered without her. The loss of my mother changed who I am as a person. I woke up and realized how truly short life is. I wanted to start something of my own, outside of my family life, where I could gain more confidence, and feel my drive again. My mom always warned me that I wouldn’t feel fulfilled by stay-at-home mom life, but like daughters do to their mothers, I tried my best to ignore her. It turned out she was right, and now, I’d go out and start my own project in her honor.

A lightbulb went off for me when I was listening to Call Her Daddy during that time. I was hooked by the rawness of the conversations around sex, and dating. Absolutely, I want to know what’s going on with the single girls. But a lot of times, and I know my fellow married people can relate, listening to single, or even people who are in new relationships, give married people advice bring on an eyeroll, even involuntarily. I mean, I love hearing about a roster, or blocking f*ck boys but I can’t block my husband (love you babe). I’m married to him and I have a kid with him. That’s when I created The Horny Housewife – a place for married people to get honest about what it’s like to have sex with the same partner long term, and all of the beautiful, sexy, and sometimes down right annoying things that go with that.

I grew up with parents who took their marriage seriously. All problems were discussed, and they made time to be intentional and really care for each other. They even told me to go play in my room while they had sex (or as they told me “prayed for a baby” can imagine how disturbing this realization was years later.) Though sometimes I definitely gagged at their PDA, my parents taught me what it looked like to be affectionate, and supportive to each other long term. This example guides my show, and my marriage, today.

I’m here every single Monday to answer my listener’s questions, and provide support. Marriage shouldn’t be something we go alone, or even go through in pairs. An outside perspective is crucial, which is why I thank my 20,000+ listeners every day, for allowing me a view into other couple’s lives. I am on this earth to make the uncomfortable, bearable. We’re all in this together and I couldn’t be more honored to be your guide.

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Liz Brock
Liz Brock
06 mar

I recently found your podcast and I'm hooked. Seriously, can't get enough of Jordy Cakes and all the dirty talk, tips (pun totally intended) and tricks for all the things.

Mi piace
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