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Its officially here! If YOU are an audio erotica lover, ride or die freaky fam, or you just wanna love and support your favorite host meeee; a place for community where you can say anything and everything!

What does be a patron include?

2x audio erotica stories a week released every Wednesday (ad-free)

community polls/forums

one on one


**possibly incorporating video/demostration/technique vids stay tuned

What does it cost?

9.99 a month- basically a cup of a coffee once a month and this support goes SO far for me freaky fam truly! Making content you love is my passion.

Is the podcast schedule going to change?

HELL NO- every Monday things stay the same, same chat, same types of guests, same segments, its staying put baby!

How do I join?!

You can either click the button that says "Become a patron" below, or you will find this link in my bio on all my socials, and on the home page of the website=)

Thank you for your support freaky fam xoxo

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